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Ideas and Inspiration from Jane Hansen Hoyt


A Story of Being Overtaken by God

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flame-and-wick webThe visiting speaker had preached a powerful message on the infilling of the Holy Spirit.  Because of his need to depart quickly following the delivery of his word, the soloist, with the easy tenor voice began to sing his closing song.  He sang only a few lines before sobs choked him.  “I don’t know what’s happening to me,” he said, “but I know I need the fullness of the Holy Spirit in my life and ministry.”  The young man fell to his knees.  ‘Oh God,” he prayed aloud, “forgive me for my sins, my coldness, my carelessness about spiritual things, my critical attitude.  Lord God, fill me afresh with Your Holy Spirit.”  

Like a field of wheat bending in a gale, the entire audience bowed low before a holy God.  The wind of His Spirit blew into every heart, convicting of sins, some long forgotten.  Tears flowed as people prayed out loud, “God, have mercy!  Forgive me.  Cleanse me.”  With trembling voices, one person after another rose to confess specific sins.

The congregation forgot about time.  The service continued for hours in the holy hush of God’s presence.   They were enveloped in the Holy Spirit.

The young singer, when writing about this later, called it “The Touch of the Torch!”

Fire is the natural consequence of contact with God.  So we read in His Word, “He makes His servants flames of fire”  (Heb 1:7).  Fire imparts impetus to the church.  A man on fire cannot stand still.  Two disciples walking to Emmaus listened to a Stranger and later confided to each other, “Were not our hearts burning within us while He talked with us on the road and opened the Scriptures to us?”  (Luke 24:32)  The blaze had begun!

Later, the apostles were similarly affected by Jesus’ last words: “Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation” (Mark 16:15).  They streaked across continents like bolts of lightning, starting fires wherever men would ignite.

Men who contact God have a ministry as unique as the latest invention.  Passion burns in them like Gideon’s blazing torch in a broken pitcher. 

Yielding to God is like holding the wick of our spirits to the flame of His love.  Candles are cold till they hit the flame.  Their lights are borrowed.  God will give Himself to us as we yield completely to Him.  What we then take to the world is light and fire.


The story of God’s Spirit overcoming a people because of the humility of the young singer especially touches my heart because the young singer was my Father.

His passion for God and the touch of the torch in his own life is what caused my feet to be set upon the pathway I have walked.  Fire begets fire.  When set free, it touches all who are in contact with it. 

My prayer for Aglow is that we never lose the touch of the torch, which ignited us from the beginning.   God wants to see something of Himself in us and that something is fire and light. Last modified on

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  • oakled

    Rated 5 out of 5 stars

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  • Judy Oakley

    Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars

    Hi Jane and staff, i am president of the Prescott, AZ local Aglow. I read this article a while back and it so touched me. I have spoken the Romans 12:11 scripture many times at our meetings. Then Cindy Jacobs referred to it again at conference. I am starting our first meeting this year with this scripture and giving everyone a copy of this article. It has been prophesied several times during this last year that Aglow would be burning with fire and people would be taking that fire back to their churches. Also that signs, wonders and healing will be starting. Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate the fire I see in all of you, and how much I appreciate your heart for prayer for all of us. Judy

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  • Cathy Wilde

    This is very touching, I pray that God will visit us like this again. That the Holy Spirit will sweep into our meetings and gatherings in such a manner that we will once again recognize our need for repentance and get it right with him and each other. I was at a meeting this last weekend, the prophetic word that came forth was, Get it Right! Get it Right today! Don't wait, Get it Right!
    Blessing to you for sharing this wonderful story of your Father.

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  • Johanna sharp

    Thank you for sharing and revealing the origins of your Holy Fire...
    Fire begets Fire, and like your Father your Fire is Beautiful, Humble, and Full Of Power.
    His Fire and plan for your life have ignited and rekindled the torch in our own life Jane.

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  • Judy Oakley

    Dear Jane, What a confirmation this was to me. I felt God give me the download the night before our last Aglow meeting here in Prescott, AZ that Aglow was started with torch of fire . . "Be aglow and burning with the Spirit" Rom 12:11. Aglow always has been a fire starter to equip and edify the women (and men now) to catch the fire and take it to their families and churches. As Aglow is on fire and spreading the flame, seems the churches follow, then the country and world. I spoke this at our meeting briefly to keep the flame going. That is our piece of the great big puzzle. We must not lose our focus (the Lord says). We must do our part of the puzzle. I have been in Aglow for over 30 years and I remember the fire in Aglow in the 80's and feel we will surpass this burning in the near future as we keep our eyes on Him and do our assignments, listening closely to His directives and following in His footsteps. Praise be to God. Judy

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    Que maravilloso es la presencia de nuestro Dios, necesitamos ser lleno de su Espíritu para cumplir la misión que Jesús nos recomendó de y predicar su palabra, amenn muchas gracias Señora Jane Dios la siga usando en gran manera. Me gustaría abrazarla en la conferencia que vamos a celebrar en Orlando Florida.
    Soy de Guinea Ecuatorial un país de África y estaré en la conferencia de Aglow, bendiciones amada.

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  • Marian Frost

    What a wonderful organisation Aglow is. I have been a member for over 20 yrs and praise God for bringing it into my life.
    My father dedicated his whole family to The Lord in a tent mission in Belfast back in the 1960s. One by one each of his children have surrendered our lives to Christ. There is amazing power in parents who pray for their children, don't give up, keep claiming them for God. Pray for the grandchildren too.
    Bless you Jane for sharing this wonderful story of your dear father. May the Holy Spirit fall afresh on all our Aglow meetings and conferences.

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  • Margie Graham

    The local church once held a retreat for junior high kids. During the viewing of the inspirational movie for the evening, the Holy Spirit began to deal with one young teen. As the kids broke into two groups to discuss what they had just seen, one young girl jumped from the top bunk and fell to her knees. The counselors did not know what was wrong, only that the teen was sobbing loudly. After a few minutes she arose and announced that the Holy Spirit had been dealing with her during the movie and she had just gotten saved. Soon the room was filled with sobbing as many of those in attendance were convicted of sin and too chose Jesus as their Savior and Lord.
    That weekend started a revival among the teenagers in the local school and many were saved. Unfortunately, many of the teens did not stay with Jesus during high school years, but now, 38 years many of those classmates are serving the Lord and speak openly about Jesus on Facebook. I was that young 13 yr. old teen, and have continued my walk with God for 42 years now. Praise God to Him be all the glory!

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  • Faye Roots

    Praise God for this reminder that the Church world-wide needs to wake up to this reality that the power of the Holy Spirit - Christ within and willing vessels that will be obedient to His Calling can and will see His Kingdom come on this Earth as it is in Heaven. May you continue to know His Grace, Strength Peace and Hope in all you do. Faye Roots

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  • Faye Roots

    Wow! Thank you Jane,
    This is indeed what the whole Body of Christ throughout this world must know and have before the return of Christ and they are sifted by the winnowing fan of God. Kingdom Unity is held and maintained by the Power of the Holy Spirit. This message is hopeful and inspirational. God Bless! Faye R. Wolvi Qld. Australia

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