07262013 traffick treasureJessica Wilson, Aglow Anti-Human Trafficking Specialist, had the privilege of speaking over the phone with Tressa W., a woman who was trapped in the sex-trafficking industry for many years.  When an Aglow woman risked all to reach out to her with love and compassion, things changed.

Jessica writes,

It’s hard to form impressions over the phone, but after speaking with her, I might say that Tressa W. is pretty much your average, everyday super-grandma.  If you saw Tressa playing with her grandkids, popping popcorn, and putting on a movie – you might think she was just like you.  You’d have no idea that she was a former sex-trafficking victim who was witnessed to by an Aglow woman, had an incredible encounter with Christ, and some 30 years later is Aglow-strong, helping teenage girls build healthy self-esteem, for the glory of God.