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Transformation Outreach Trips

What’s new about evangelism in Aglow? It’s a foundational pillar upon which we build life. So what about it can be new?

  1. You and I. That’s what can be new in Aglow. How each one of us defines evangelism and discipleship in our personal lives is changing.

When I came forward in a church to give my life to Jesus, I had been attending the church for probably a year. When I came up to that pastor that morning, He said, “I have looked and looked for you month after month, and finally I stopped looking and here you are.”

It’s time to ask ourselves, Have we stopped actively, intentionally looking with expectancy for others to come to Jesus?

The Holy Spirit hasn’t. I’m proof of that! (excerpt from Janet Mangum's blog Commisioned! Read the full blog)

Please remember that if you believe you are called to any of these trips: team leaders need to know ASAP. When a team forms, we crystallize the outreach and it must be done months before arriving in the country. The mission will not occur if we are unable to gather the necessary number of team members. So if you think you are interested, contact the team leaders right away!

Below is a list of possible Transformation trips in process.

Transformation invitationTransformation invitation

Upcoming Transformation Trips


Dates: October 15 - 30, 2017
Download flyer: pdf icon small
Information: This unique Transformation team will be have a two-fold ministry: Trauma Healing in San Pedro Sula, and Micro-Business in Tegucigalpa. Team members have the option of doing just one week or being a part of the whole 2 weeks.
Cost: $1850 (Includes: two weeks & includes airfare from the continental United States, meals, housing, insurance & in-country transportation.) Deadline for all money: Sept 5, 2017
Contact: Pat Kempf - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dates: November 5-21, 2017
Download flyer: pdf icon small
Cost: $ 2877.00 per person (Note: These prices are based on a 3-4 person team. If the team is larger or smaller the price per person will be affected. This price includes airfare from the continental U.S.)
Information: Take advantage of this opportunity to share the love of Jesus in a country that is the least evangelized country in South America. And share your love for sewing/quilting by joining this team that will work with the women in two cities, Montevideo and Treinta y Tres.
Contact: Pat Kempf - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.